Immersive AAC Class Week One: Light!

Bridgeway Academy’s summer camp program kicked off this week and so did our Immersive AAC class. Our theme this week was LIGHT! Some of the favorite activities this week were:

  • Putting finger lights in balloons to make them illuminate in the dark. We used this opportunity to work on single words “on,” “in,” “more,”  and “big” or phrases “turn it on,” “put it in” and “make it big” (depending on the child’s language level).  Once the balloons were blown up we were able to play “keep it up” and found the balloons lots of fun to shake!img_21081.png
  • We also used finger lights to sing piggyback versions of This Little Light of Mine. A piggyback song is a song that puts new or modified lyrics to an existing melody. We sang the song everyday and each child got the opportunity to add to the lyrics “Shine it ‘on my ___'” by adding a body part.
  • Some other popular activities centered around the use of a black light. Part of our mission for the summer was to include food exposure each week. This week we used the black light to illuminate coconut and oranges. We also used the light to make highlighter art glow.

img_2044-e1497045487155.jpg   IMG_2050.JPG

  • We had a blast with many other light-up toys that we found on like a light tunnel and laser tops. Again, great opportunities to work on phrases like “turn it on,” or single words like “go.”


  • One of Bridgeway Academy’s fabulous OTs, Ashlee joined us this week and directed the kids in making a glow in the dark lightning bug craft.

IMG_2087.JPG   IMG_2089.JPG

  • My partner-in-class, Sam and I got some funny looks this week walking around the school and it wasn’t for her glowing mouse ears. In addition to taking video, collecting and analyzing language activity monitoring data via Realize Language we needed to find a way to collect data in the moment. Our solution was to put strips of masking tape on our legs with mini sharpies on our lanyards.

IMG_2060.JPG      IMG_2090.JPG

  • Overall, we feel like week one was a great success. Highlights were a student generating phrases on his device and then reading them verbally, a student using a 2-word phrase (“want play”) for the first time we’re aware of and another student learning to use the word “break” when he got overwhelmed. I think the week is wonderfully summed up by one student’s word cloud (from Realized Language):

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 7.04.36 PM.png

Stay tuned… next week we will learn about flight and gravity!



2 thoughts on “Immersive AAC Class Week One: Light!

  1. Thank you for sharing. I would like to recreate this model in my classroom and appreciate the pictures. I have not heard of finger lights. Can you tell me about them? The masking tape is a great idea.


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