Immersive AAC Class Week Four: Water!

The theme of this week’s Immersive AAC Class was WATER! We splashed, sprayed and sprinkled water all over the classroom.


The favorite activity of the week was a simple one: dropping objects into a tub of water! We guessed whether they would sink “down” in or float “on” the the water. The kids loved taking turns making splashes with apples, toys, marbles and other random objects we could find. We also made a big watery mess pushing balloons under the water and letting them splash out.


We also loved feeling the water rain down out of a colander. IMG_3088.JPG

In order to protect devices from the water, we put cheap plastic shower caps over them (100 for $7 on Amazon).


We got even wetter playing with spray bottles and making it rain in the classroom!IMG_2986.JPG


We borrowed a “boat” from the Occupational Therapy department for boat rides. Each student took turns to “get in” and go “up and down” in the boat. We paired the song Row, Row, Row Your Boat with this activity.


Our food this week was watermelon. Each student had opportunities to experience the food without heavy pressure to eat it. We looked at it, smelled it, touched it, kissed it, licked it and some of us ate it! IMG_3497.JPG


We played with water-filled sensory bottles (Voss water bottles filled with water, oil, food coloring, glitter, ribbons, etc.). We paired a song that encouraged the students to pass the bottles to each other as an opportunity to work on non-verbal turn-taking and sharing.



Another exciting activity was the “mysterious m&ms” experiment. Simply pouring water onto a plate with m&ms on it makes the colors run!


It was probably inevitable that someone was going to end up in the water (or “pool” as she called it)! I knew my Words For Life towel would come in handy!

IMG_3092.JPG   IMG_3093.JPG

We had so much fun playing with water. We had fun getting wet, learning about the basic concepts “wet” and “dry,” listening to ocean sounds and watching our foam sea creatures grow through the week. img_3539.jpg


Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 11.38.27 AM.png


Stay tuned next week for our theme of COLORS!

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