Immersive AAC Class Week 6: Touch & Smell

This was an exciting week in our AAC classroom because we really got to focus on the concept of opinions. Different people have different feelings about what feels and smells good or bad and we were able to assign the words “yum” or “yuck” to them pretty readily!

We were pretty split on whether or not the Fluffy Slime fell into the “yum” or “yuck” category. Some of us couldn’t wait to get our hands on it and others were brave enough to touch it with a single finger. My greatest challenge was modeling on the SMARTBoard while my hands were covered in the slime!

IMG_3302.JPG IMG_4492.JPG


In preparation for our next week focusing on food we practiced the words “smell” and “touch while experiencing the scents and textures of foods like lemons, limes, pickles, grapes and raisins. Again, some foods fell into the “yuck” category while others fell into the “yum” category!

IMG_4515.JPG       IMG_3300.JPG


We further worked on the concepts of “yum” and “yuck,” “smell” “color,” “open” and “put on” while assigning our likes and dislikes of smelly markers and scratch and sniff markers to different sides of our artwork for the week. img_3187.jpg

Tactile toys were a great hit! We loved the tickle-y feeling of our favorite Galactic Globe, poptoobs, pompoms, pin art, moon sand, scalp massagers, vibrating tubes and back massagers.  These were all great opportunities to ask for “more” or to ask to “stop” if the sensation was unpleasant or to comment by saying “like” or “don’t like.” Our students felt very empowered this week to give their opinions.

IMG_4494.JPG IMG_4496.JPG

IMG_3303.JPG IMG_3304.JPG

Glad containers with essential oil saturated cotton balls were another great language opportunity to practice saying “open it,” “smell it,” “close it” and assign an opinion like “yuck” or yum!”



Stay tuned next week for more “yum” and “yuck” when our theme is FOOD!

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