Guest Blogger: Brandon Williamson

hello my name is brandon williamson. I am an the Prentke Romich Company ambassador. i am 24.

i am attending in theater its called shopworks. our next production is wizard of neverland. i am playing screw and lost boy. i enjoying with shopworks.

Brandon playing Santa Claus in Shopworks’ most recent production

I got my first Vantage in September 2004. I used to use a Tuff Talker device. Iused to use Sign Language gestures fingerspelling. I can program new words and messages myself. I use a notebook to write my speech. Then I give my speech 1 sentence at a time and use pauses. my device is great.

i want to work in technical services for the Prentke Romich Company.

Here is a video of Brandon getting to know a new Bridgeway Academy speech therapist:

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