Hi! My name is Lindsey Paden Cargill and I am a speech-language pathologist at an amazing education and therapy center called Bridgeway Academy in Columbus, Ohio. We are a non-profit that provides educational, psychological, therapeutic and behavioral services to children with developmental disabilities in the Central Ohio area.  The video below is a perfect example of why I love my job.


In 2016 the speech department at Bridgeway joined forces with the amazing Dr Allison Bean Ellawadi of Ohio State University to start conducting research about AAC and children with autism. We presented two studies at ASHA 2016 and have several more that we are working on now.

My speechie partner-in-crime, Sam Lyle and one of the Directors of Bridgeway Academy (also a speechie), Abby David and me at ASHA 2016


Outside of work, I’m a total nerd, crazy cat lady and a mom of twin boys, Pax and Jude.