Listen: Chalk Let

Years ago a brilliant little girl changed the way I viewed AAC. Amber was four years old, preliterate and nonverbal. She came to speech therapy with a AAC device that she carried like a briefcase. She always had wonderful and clever things to say but one day she stopped me in my tracks. She came […]

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April and Neurodiversity

  For the last few years the month of April has become increasingly plaguing to me. Autism Awareness/Acceptance month creates an uncomfortable rift for me as an interventionist and as a friend. The autism and autistic communities are split and put at odds with each other. The autism community (mostly made up of parents and […]

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Achieving and Maintaining AAC Team Buy-In

With the growing body of evidence of the effectiveness of speech-generating devices (SGDs) on the communication development of children with autism and other developmental disabilities, more and more school-based speech-language pathologists and teachers are finding themselves part of an AAC team. Among the challenges associated with effective AAC teaching, achieving and maintaining buy-in from the […]

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Our AAC Research Story

The Immersive AAC Classroom that my colleague Sam Lyle and I have developed and taught has been one of the most rewarding experiences from a therapeutic and research standpoint. Merging what we know about language learning, motor planning, novelty and joy enhancing neuroplasticity and aided language input to teach language skills in a classroom setting […]

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Immersive AAC Class Week 7: FOOD!

“Yum” and “yuck” were further vocabulary themes this week. We had a delicious time playing with, experimenting with, touching, tasting and smelling foods!  When asked their favorite foods the students reported: ravioli, crackers, apples, pastry and birds. We had so much planned that we didn’t quite get to everything! One day one we dedicated our […]

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